Fifteen of My Favorite Christmas Decorations

Happy Monday and welcome to this week’s topic which is Fifteen of My Favorite Christmas Decorations! I’m not talking about decorations in general. I’m talking about fifteen specific items in my own home that make me happy. So let’s get started!

  1. Book Crates…I got this idea from my aunt who always had the coolest containers to hold their childrens’ Christmas books. We use one for the bigger books and another for the books that are from a full matching set. christmas books sitting in a wooden crate by a nativity scene a wooden crate that holds a bunch of Christmas books beside a living room sofa
  2. My Porch Toboggan is just one of those finds that I love because it is just old and has character. Check out the blog post from two weeks ago where I talk about incorporating sleds in my Christmas decor. a toboggan leaning on a front porch with skates and Christmas decorations
  3. My Little Red Typewriter and…
  4. Wooden/Faux Books…My youngest son was with me several years ago when he came across that typewriter in TJMaxx and fell in love with it. I, of course, fell in love with the fact that he fell in love with it at such a young age. And, it didn’t hurt that I love it as well! It’s just a unique piece and I love that about it! And the wooden books are our newest addition to the shop! We have sold out of all of our reversible Christmas/Everyday wooden (faux) books BUT beginning in January, we will be adding the option to customize these to our online shop! a decorative typewriter that says "Letter to Santa" sitting on top of some decorative wooden books
  5. My Husband’s Old Sleigh on our Dining Table… I talked about this a couple of weeks ago in my other blog post as well! an old sled used as a dining table centerpiece
  6. Our Handmade Burlap Stockings…Once upon a time, I was good with the sewing machine. I was ambitions to make these stockings with a liner and all! Ahh… I miss those days. At this current point in time, I can’t even get to my machine and I may have forgotten how to use it! I kid not! close up of a handmade burlap stocking close up of two handmade burlap stockings a mantel decorated for Christmas with burlap stockings and a Christmas banner a mantel decorated for Christmas and lit up at night with lights
  7. The Preserved Boxwood Wreats on our Kitchen Cabinets…I just love the look of boxwood wreats over cabinet doors. These can be pricey so I opted to just put one on each of the two glass doors beside our kitchen sink and window. a boxwood wreath hanging from a kitchen cabinet
  8. Our Wooden Sign “Valance” Over the Kitchen Sink… A while back, I also wrote about my favorite items to use in our home with character. This sign is not reversible but we do switch it out for the Christmas season. North Pole is shown here but after the holidays it will go back to the sign that says “Gather.” a wooden sign that says "North Pole" used as a valance over a kitchen sink
  9. The Lights and Greenery Over our Headboard…The greens are not a full garland this year, which is what I normally do. This year, I had a bunch of greenery “stems” not being used so I kind of just stuck them down behind the headboard and added the lights. I love it! And I think Lucky does as well! a a dog on a bed in a master bedroom decorated for Christmas and lit up at night
  10. Our Main Tree! We have to put our large tree up in the corner of the kitchen since we do  not have a space in our living area. But we can see it from most of the first floor so it works! a Christmas tree lit up at night with presents below it
  11. Our New Red Front Door…I thought I would paint the door back at some point – back to yellow, that is. But it took so many layers of red to paint this door that it may end up being permanent! an entryway that is decorated for Christmas including a red door and repurposed ladder
  12. The Wreath on Our Front Door…I love grapevine wreaths. I made this one a few years ago adding a wooden “joy” that I found from the Target Dollar Spot. It’s a bit thick for the space between our storm door and main door but gosh darn it…I am making it work! a red door with Christmas-inspired grapevine wreath on it
  13. The Merry and Bright Blocks from our Seasonal Kits…These were probably our most popular kit of the entire year! They are reversible so that, after the holidays, we can flip them around so that they say “Frosty the Snowman.” Letter blocks that spell out Merry and Bright sitting on top of a TV armoire
  14. The Ladder with Buckets in Our Entry…I normally have yellow buckets here but the great thing about the hanging option inside the ladder rungs is that I can switch out the greens into any color bucket my little heart desires! an old bunk bed ladder repurposed into a shelf unit in an entry way and decorated for Christmas an entry way decorated for Christmas with a tree, old ladder and red door
  15. Our Bedroom Tree makes me super calm and happy when I get into bed at night. It also helps me to wake up slowly in the morning. All I have to do is hit the remote that sits on my nightstand and I can flip on the tree, the lights on the headboard and the lights on our fake fireplace surround! a master bedroom decorated for Christmas with tree and lights over the headboard

75 thoughts on “Fifteen of My Favorite Christmas Decorations”

  1. Oh my goodness… to pick a favorite!!
    I would definitely pick the bedroom Christmas tree!! How gorgeous & I love Christmas being in every room!! 🎄

  2. I love the ladder with red buckets. Red is my accent color in my house and I just love this. Super cute and would go great with my decor. Depending on where I could put it to keep the cats from messing with it ❤

  3. I love it all of course – but if I had to pick I would say the repurposed ladder shelf !!! I love that you can change out the buckets every season. So many possibilities!!!

  4. Oh my goodness! Hoe can you you expect us to pick a favorite! Your home is just magical, Laura! So festive! But, if I must pick- I would have to say The bedroom . It is so cozy and looks like the perfect place to snuggle up with With that adorable fluffy dog, Lucky and watch Christmas movies!

  5. It is all so pretty. I love the valance sign. I have the same space in my kitchen and love how a simple sign added so much character. I really love the ladder too. The ability to switch out the buckets for the season is such a great idea

  6. The boxwood wreaths are adorable but my favorite decorations are the ladder & buckets! I love repurposed ladders! I also love that you have a little tree in your bedroom! Amazing!

  7. I love your sled as a table runner!
    I may have recently acquired one recently and am so excited to use it in so many ways, including on one of my tables.
    I also love all of the pops of red throughout your decor.

  8. My favorite is the typewriter. I have liked since I saw it one of your workshops. Really unique and different.

  9. It’s all so BEAUTIFUL and COZY. I love the ladder shelf with the red buckets at the front door. It adds a wow factor and pop of color when you first walk in. ❤️💚

  10. I love the sleigh on the table! It is such a unique place to have it. I had a sleigh similar to it growing up and sure wish I still had it to use as a decoration.

  11. My favorite is how you used your husband’s old sled in your decorating I never would’ve thought to place it on a table. It’s perfect there!

  12. The merry and bright blocks are my favorite right now! Haven’t completed my set yet, but hoping to do it over break!!! Love it’s versatility!

  13. It is hard to choose just one, but the bedroom Christmas tree just makes me feel the spirit of Christmas and a sense of peace!

  14. I can’t pick a favorite because I absolutely love it all and want it in my house. Absolutely beautiful Laura.

  15. I honestly love every single item you have listed! Not just like either, L.O.V.E. if I absolutely had to pick one I would choose the sled on the table! Its personal and so unique! Keep up the beautiful work!!! Then come decorate my house 😉

  16. I love all of your decorations but my favorite is your bedroom tree and headboard lights! It looks absolutely beautiful!

  17. I love them all but I think my favorite is the red typewriter and faux books, my hubby is a journalist and he would love this!!

  18. I love it all actually! BUT the book crates and the garland over your head board might just be my favorite!!

  19. I love it all!!! The sleigh on the table, and homemade stockings are my favorite. We have homemade stocking from for my husband and I and our kids that were made back in the ‘50s, and passed down. So you can say I’m a sucker for a homemade stocking.

  20. I love it all! I really need you to come decorate my house. I love the sleigh on the front porch. I wish that I still had my old sled.

  21. I seriously love all of it, but if I have to pick just one thing that I would want to take into my home it would be the ladder inside your door! I’ve always eyed that piece up in east pictures of yours! I love how you change out the decor on it depending on the season!

  22. Well, I love it all!! There is not one thing I wouldn’t enjoy having! Since I must choose, I would pick your main/family tree. I think it was #10. Merry Christmas!

  23. I love the bedroom decorations! I agree, Christmas lights are so calming. Growing up my mom always decorated my bedroom and I loved going to sleep looking at the lights around my window.

  24. It’s all so beautiful! If I have to choose just one, it would be the merry and bright blocks. I love the idea that they are reversible.

  25. My favorite of Laura’s favorites is the “ladder”. I like that it can be used all year round and decorated so many different ways.

  26. I love them all but there is something about the Merry and Bright wooden blocks that popped for me. Maybe becaude I know where I would put them at my house!

    1. Thanks, Linda! I actually had them on the mantel until I added the greens. Then they wouldn’t fit so I had to find a new spot!

  27. Of course I love everything but if I had to pick one photo that I like better than the rest, I would pic the photo of your Mannel! I love the home made burlap stockings, they don’t look home made by the was, they are beautiful!

  28. I can’t pick a favorite because I absolutely love it all. But if i had to pick i would say the repurposed ladder shelf. I really love the ladder. The ability to switch out the buckets for the season is such a great idea.

  29. I love all of your ideas! If I had to choose it would be the book crates, the ladder, and the sleds! So creative! Love. Love, love!!

  30. I had a hard time picking just one,I love the book create but I love what you did with the ladder so now I want one for Christmas!

  31. I love it all! Can you come decorate my house next year?! I love your tree in the bedroom along with the greenery over your headboard, it looks so beautiful and peaceful. I have fun trees in my kids bedrooms but never thought about putting a tree in our room until now! Everything is just so beautiful!

    1. Now if I could just get my hubby to stay up later than 10pm so that when I come to bed late (pretty much every day) I can actually enjoy them!

  32. I love your home and have been inspired and copied several of these ideas in my own home. But I would definitely say my favorite is the red typewriter! It’s incredibly unique and absolutely lovely! ❤️

  33. Your house is beautifully decorated! I love everything, but my favorite is the Merry & Bright blocks. My daughter painted her own blocks during her Girl Scout Christmas party. They turned out great as did all of the girls’ projects. Thanks for the kits, Laura!

    1. That is great news! I’m glad they had fun! If you have any pics that you think would be permissable to share – send them our way!

  34. I love them all- too hard to pick a favorite! But since I’m so into wreaths I’ll pick the grapevine wreath on your front door❤️

  35. Your home looks like a magical place! I am in love with the greens and lights on your headboard. What a wonderful place for you to relax and unwind- if you ever get the time.
    The “books” have been my newest decoration- I love the simplicity of them! I’m excited that you will be offering more for year round decorating.

  36. I love them all but the Merry and Bright wooden blocks stand out to me. I know where I would put those at my house.

  37. Hard to pick a favorite. But I think I love the wooden books and the little red typewriter the best. I also love the old wooden sled on your dining room table. Such a creative use for it.

  38. I love the bedroom decorations! I never thought to make my bedroom festive, too. All of the favorites look so inviting and comforting!!

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