My Home Matters knows that “Your Home Matters, too.” Due to the overwhelming interest in what My Home Matters has to offer each of it’s almost 14,000 followers, it has led us to the creation of My Home Matters BOXED UP!

My Home Matters BOXED UP is a monthly subscription just for you.

It will allow me, My Home Matters owner, Laura Kleber, to help you grow your knowledge of making your house a home while also creating one-of-a-kind pieces! What better way to treat yourself than by getting everything you need on a monthly basis to learn, create and share all in one box, PLUS the supplies are is delivered to your doorstep AND the teaching is delivered to computer, phone or internet device!

Find out how BOXED UP came to be!

Who is Laura & What is My Home Matters? Learn more >>

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Check out recent finished projects from Boxed Up!

Here are just a few of the many benefits to becoming
a subscribing member of My Home Matters BOXED UP…

  • Every month can feel like Christmas just for YOU!
  • Learn a new crafting technique or project without leaving the comforts of your home!
  • You’ll have the opportunity to join a positive, nurturing and enriching Facebook group of individuals, led by me (Laura), that will help facilitate your ability to enhance the warmth and comfort of your home (The My Home Matters Boxed Up Community)!
  • You’ll have the experience of attending workshops without leaving the comfort of your home...and you can create your items whenever you want…even in your pajamas!
  • BOXED UP means having an opportunity EVERY month to create gifts for others for those of you who are always planning ahead!
  • You could craft with friends in your own home or on your porch, and make it a monthly girls’ night in!
  • You get the fun element of surprise coming every single month!
  • Your kids can get involved, too!
  • You can even purchase gift subscriptions so that you can share with friends and family!
  • I will teach you how to do the projects through online demonstration videos…including varying paint techniques. I may even bring in some friends as well for bonus teachings!
  • You will have a monthly Q&A session with me in which I will attempt to answer any question you have pertaining to your project…one on one interaction that goes much deeper than on my business page. I have met so many people since starting my business and I have formed relationships with people, some of whom live across the country and we have never actually met in person. With My Home Matters BOXED UP, I hope that we all get to know each other, regardless of where we live…
  • Every month, I will incorporate ways to win bonus items in your next box! I mean, who doesn’t like getting prizes and extra stuff, right???
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Each month, you will receive a box of goodies delivered
to your doorstep whose contents will always be a SURPRISE.
We’ll even have fun with the unboxing process!

GONE are your days of needing to find a babysitter (or pet sitter) so that you can get out to attend a workshop! If you feel subconscious or anxious about the thought of having to create a project in front of others, then this is the answer!

What our members are saying...

I have a very stressful busy life! I so look forward to my boxes and doing my monthly crafts! It keeps me sane this time of year! Thank you! (3)
I have a very stressful busy life! I so look forward to my boxes and doing my monthly crafts! It keeps me sane this time of year! Thank you! (2)
I have a very stressful busy life! I so look forward to my boxes and doing my monthly crafts! It keeps me sane this time of year! Thank you! (1)
I have a very stressful busy life! I so look forward to my boxes and doing my monthly crafts! It keeps me sane this time of year! Thank you!


We want to show our appreciation for promoting and spreading the word about My Home Matters Boxed Up. After you’ve become a subscribing member, you can sign up to be a Boxed Up Affiliate. This is where you can earn credit back towards your next month’s box!

By doing so, we’ll provide you with a special affiliate link that your friends and family can use if they’d like to sign up and YOU will get $20 back in rewards for EACH person who signs up under you. Your rewards from each open cart period will automatically be applied towards the cost of your next month's box!

Basically, it’s a referral program in which you get money back towards your membership. If, in one open cart period, three new people subscribe to BOXED UP using your affiliate link, YOU receive $60 off the cost of your next month’s box…if five people sign up using your link in another open cart period, you earn $100 off the cost of the following month’s box! The more people who sign up using your unique affiliate link, the more you gain back…simple as that… with no strings attached!

If you regularly follow me at My Home Matters on Facebook, you know that I thrive on being surrounded by positivity and inspiration. We will have fun with games and incentives in the private Facebook group, and I envision it as a place to come together to learn, to encourage each other, and to lift each other up so that we can all feel confident in making our house feel like a home!

We hope that, as My Home Matters Boxed Up grows, we can give back to the community more each month, and that doing so will help reach organizations that are near and dear to the hearts of our members.

Your subscription is two-fold.

Your subscription is SO MUCH MORE than just a box of DIY home décor crafting goodies. First of all, you will get your box in the mail… BUT there is a whole other component that makes this box subscription different than most others… the private Facebook group that goes along with it! In that private group, The My Home Matters Boxed Up Community, you will have access to all of the demonstration videos, LIVE Q & A sessions, decorating and organizing tips, live unboxings, games that help you win bonus prizes in your next box, digital content for extra projects, sharing of everyone’s projects and much more!

In addition, all content such as the demonstration videos and and written instructions will be stored on the website so that you can always go back to a previous month’s content for as long as you are a subscribing member. You’ll have a user name and password and be able to update your account information at any time.

For those of you that are DIY addicts, this is the box for you… The cart will be open from September 12th to September 16th then it will be closed! Sign up for our Waitlist to become a Boxed Up Subscriber. Boxes ship on or around the 1st of each month. You may cancel at anytime (but we hope that you won’t want to)!



Become a Subscribing Member!

Monthly Membership: $49.97/month +$9.97/mo shipping

Bi-Monthly Membership: $49.97/every other month + $9.97/every other month shipping (boxes are on this schedule: Feb/Apr/Jun/Aug/Oct/Dec and you receive your first box in the month following your sign up)

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Shipping is just $9.97 for anywhere in the United States!
Payments will be deducted from your account on the 10th of the month depending upon which subscription option you pick.

Your payment secures your next box.
So, if you subscribe during the September 2019 open cart period,
your first box will be the October 2019 box regardless of what subscription option you pick.

You may cancel at any time, provided you so by the 10th of the month.
Otherwise, you will still receive (and be charged) for the next scheduled box based on your subscription.