General Information, Notes, and Tips
for My Home Matters BOXED UP

1. Due to USPS laws pertaining to hazardous material, I am unable to ship stain (these are oil based) and certain other items that would fall under this category. You will likely want to choose a stain or two that you like to keep on hand for various projects. You can buy these at places like Lowe’s and Home Depot, or even Walmart. I personally like the Minwax stains and they come in half-pints in case you just want to have a little bit on hand in a couple of different color options. Here are some Amazon links. These are affiliate links so I do get a small kickback from those who purchase from clicking on them. However, you will most likely find these cheaper by walking into an actual store as the online prices are much higher (probably due to incorporating the much higher shipping costs associated with hazardous materials).

WARNING: Wear gloves when working with stain! Also, do not throw away your stain cloths/rags/brushes inside your home as they can spontaneously combust causing fire. Always throw away your staining items outside of your house.

2. For gray stain, Minwax does have options (see above), but for a deeper more rich looking gray, I prefer General Finishes Gel Stain in Gray. The gel stains are also oil based so please follow the above warning!

3. When doing something like a tray or other item that might be wise to seal for protection, I highly recommend General Finishes High Performance Top Coat. You can buy these in different sheens. I personally like the Flat (no sheen) but you can also get Satin and Gloss, depending on what your preference is. This product is also great to use to prevent slivers of wood coming up when peeling your stencil. These are WATER BASED so that means your brushes clean up with soap and water and are also not as expensive to buy online versus in a store!

4. Other items you may want to have on hand for regular use:

  • Latex Gloves or other thin work gloves such as these from Amazon (we really like the similar gloves they sell at Costco!)
  • Brown paper or newspaper
  • A screw driver (I tend to use a phillips head more often than a flat head)
  • Mod Podge is great for sealing signs for indoor use and is also great for preventing bleed through when stenciling with vinyl (see video to show this process). (You may occasionally get some of this in your box!)
  • An apron you don’t mind getting paint on!

We will update this document periodically as we think of more helpful tips and product suggestions!

Updated: 10/11/18

Video Tutorials

How to earn entries for
SHARE/TAG/WIN each month…

  1. As you open your box, snap some photos or take a brief video on your phone.
  2. Use those photos/videos in posts on social media:
  3. On Facebook:
    • Tag us by typing @My Home Matters, LLC (no space between @ and My) so that My Home Matters, LLC appears in BOLD. (This gets you one entry.)
    • You MUST make any post that tags us on Facebook PUBLIC or we may not be able to verify the tags. To do this, after you publish your post, click on three dots in the top right corner of that post. Click on Edit Privacy. Choose Public. Hit Done. You should now see the round globe symbol beside the time stamp at the top of your post. This means your post is now public.
  4. On Instagram:
    • Tag us by typing @my_home_matters (no space between @ and my) so that @my_home_matters appears in blue. (This gets you one entry.)
    • Type #myhomemattersboxedup (This gets you one entry.)
    • In order to be able to verify your posts, you MUST request to follow @my_home_matters. Once you submit that follow request, we will approve and request to follow you back. This is the only way we can verify your tags and hashtags.
  5. SHARE our Facebook posts. (This gets you one entry but tagging us as described above will get you another entry. You must make your post public in order for us to verify.)
  6. TAG or HASHTAG us on your Instagram Stories (This gets you one entry for each.) In order for us to verify this, you MUST request to follow @my_home_matters on Instagram and allow us to follow you back.

In order to have your name entered for each of your shares/tags/hashtags, come to the group thread in the Facebook group that says SHARE/TAG/WIN and comment as follows with whatever you have done.  We do not have time to just search for shares & tags & hashtags. So comment like this so that we know to put your entries into the “hat” (one entry per each “done”):

  • Done – FB tag
  • Done – FB share
  • Done – IG hashtag
  • Done – IG tag
  • Done – IG stories tag/hashtag

“Done” entries will cover the previous week from Wednesday to Tuesday and then a winner will be chosen at the end of HOUSE on Wednesday. Once the winner is picked and HOUSE is over, we will attempt to verify the share/tag/hashtag/etc. If we cannot verify because you did not follow the above instructions, another winner will be chosen. A new Share/Tag/Win post will go up each week and the old one deleted.

You can earn one entry for each of the things mentioned above! We will draw a name EACH WEEK. The winner each week will receive a BONUS item in her/his next box!