Video Tutorial: Word Blocks

Project Directions: Word Blocks

BEFORE READING THESE DIRECTIONS, PLEASE REMEMBER THAT YOU CAN WATCH MY DEMONSTRATION VIDEOS INSIDE THE FACEBOOK GROUP! To find the group, log into Facebook and type “The My Home Matters Boxed Up Community” in the search bar. Once you locate the group, request to join. (Be sure to answer the three questions.) You will be able to watch me go through this project step-by-step in that demonstration video.

You have seven 4x4 blocks as your base for this project. Other supplies include stencil letters, chip brush, 8 oz white paint, spatula, squeegee, and apron.

Step 1:  Decide what color you want your letters to be. You will need to paint or stain your blocks the color you want your letters to be FIRST. (Please note: I am providing you with at least one paint color each month, but due to restrictions with shipping, I cannot provide stain in your boxes. The paint I provide is to add to the building of your paint colors. Since we’ll all want different coloring, I can not provide all of the possible colors.) In my examples, I used Minwax Stains as my base coat since that’s what I wanted the letters to be.

Once you have painted your base/letter color coat, let fully dry.

Step 2:  Sort the letters and match each set of four with a corresponding block.

Step 3: Apply the letters as follows to your seven blocks. (Note: you will only be applying letters to four sides of the blocks. The two cut ends will not have letters.) You want the grain to be going left to right or horizontally so that the cut ends are on the left and right. Carefully peel off the white BACKING from each letter, leaving the see through white transfer paper (top layer) alone. The top layer allows you to transfer the letter that is stuck to it onto your block or surface. Once you lay the letter where you want it on the block, press it down well using the squeegee provided and then carefully peel off the top transfer paper, leaving just the letter on the block.

Block 1 – H, Y, E, D

Block 2 – A, C, R, S

Block 3 – R, P, E, T

Block 4 – V, N, L, O

Block 5 – E, O, M, D

Block 6 – S, M, K, I

Block 7 – T, F, B, W

Step 4:  Decide what top layer color you’d like. For mine, I did a dry brush technique using white. To do this, take the chip brush provided and dab it into your paint (I used white). Then dab OFF most of the paint on a paper towel. Then very lightly, take the brush with the small amount of paint and drag it over the letter across the entire surface of that side of the block. You can use more paint or less paint, depending on what you like. You can even fully cover the surface by painting a solid layer over your letters.

Step 5:  When done with your top layer of paint, take the spatula tool provided and use it to grab underneath the edge somewhere of the letter and let it help pull the letter off the block. You should be left with the letter shape in whatever base color you used. Continue until you remove all the letters.


*Do one side of a block at a time. Once you’ve done one letter on each block, go back and do a second letter and so on to allow dry time for each side as you go.

Words you can make (but there are probably more!):

  • Harvest
  • Monster
  • Family
  • Blessed
  • Snow
  • Home
  • Spooky
  • Winter
  • Welcome
  • Freedom
  • Dream
  • Easter
  • Mother
  • Hope
  • Faith
  • Friends

Watch for the monthly post asking for you to post your final project so that we can see each other’s final projects!