My Home Matters Affiliate Contract & Terms of Use

Welcome to the My Home Matters, LLC affiliates area where you can manage your Affiliate marketing relationship with My Home Matters, LLC and My Home Matters Boxed Up. (also referred to as “My Home Matters” or “us” or “Boxed Up” throughout this site.).

Any person or entity that participates or attempts to participate in our Affiliate marketing program (and such person or entity, “you”, or an “Affiliate”) must accept this Affiliate agreement without change. By registering for or using the Affiliate program, you agree to this Agreement, including all Terms of Use.


  • Subscriber – someone subscribing to My Home Matters Boxed Up
  • Affiliate – a current My Home Matters Boxed Up Subscriber who has a unique website link to the My Home Matters Boxed Up sales page and whose link is tied to that subscriber’s account.
  • Affiliate Link – the unique URL generated for an Affiliate upon registration and acceptance into the My Home Matters Affiliate Program
  • Store Credit – the credit that will be applied to the Affiliate’s next Boxed Up subscription payment.
  • Affiliates Area – the section of the website that holds information pertaining to being an affiliate, including the Affiliates Library
  • Affiliate Lead – an individual who clicks on an Affiliate Link and could potentially become a Subscriber

Description of our Affiliate Program and Acceptance of this Agreement

If you are accepted to participate in the Affiliate Program, then upon notification of acceptance, the terms and conditions of this Agreement shall apply in full force and effect, until terminated, pursuant to the terms set forth below. You will comply with the terms and conditions of this Agreement at all times, including any applicable Terms of Use that pertain to My Home Matters, LLC.

The Affiliate Program permits you to earn Store Credit for promoting My Home Matters Boxed Up. You are permitted to use your own personal social media platform(s), email or website by sharing graphics and/or text provided in our Affiliates Area Library and directing people to the sales page for My Home Matters Boxed Up via your unique Affiliate Link.

When our customers click through an Affiliate Link connected to your account to purchase a subscription to My Home Matters Boxed Up, you can receive Store Credit. The Store Credit will automatically be applied to the Affiliate’s next subscription payment.


As an affiliate for My Home Matters, any referral credit earned will be applied as follows: for each new subscription generated through your personal affiliate link, you will earn a one-time $5 credit that will be applied to the payment for the following month’s box. The one-time credit of $5 for each new referral will only be granted provided you, the affiliate, are still a current subscriber. If you, the Affiliate, have canceled your subscription during the month you generated new subscribers, the credit earned will no longer be granted/ or valid.

As an Affiliate, you will only be eligible for Store Credit payment for a new Subscriber who purchases a subscription under the Affiliate Link generated for you by My Home Matters, LLC. If an Affiliate Lead does not purchase the Subscription within 30 days of their first click on the Affiliate Link, you will not be eligible for a Store Credit payment, even if the Affiliate Lead decides not to purchase after the time period has expired. An Affiliate Lead is not considered valid if it’s first click on the Affiliate Link is after this Agreement has expired or terminated.

Username and Password

You are responsible to maintain the confidentiality of your password and shall be responsible for all uses via your registration and/or login, whether authorized or unauthorized by you. You agree to immediately notify us of any unauthorized use or your registration, user account or password.

Changes in Terms

My Home Matters, LLC reserves the right to modify the available credit payment methods and/or payment schedule at any time. Such changes will take effect when posted. My Home Matters, LLC reserves the right to remove an Affiliate from the Affiliate program, and to terminate or suspend this agreement, at any time for any reason, in My Home Matters’ sole discretion.

Logo and Graphics Use

During the term of this Agreement, you may use our graphics and logo as long as you follow these requirements: (1) you may not alter our logo or graphics (whether we made them available for you to use or not) in any way, (2) you may only use our logo and graphics in connection with the Affiliate Program and this Agreement, and (3) immediately comply if we request that you discontinue use. You must not (1) use our logo or graphics in a misleading or disparaging way, (2) use our logo or graphics in a way that implies we endorse, sponsor or approve of your services or products, (3) use our logo or graphics in violation of applicable law or in connection with an obscene, indecent, or unlawful topic or material.

Cookie Duration

Cookies used as part of this affiliate program have a 30-day duration. If a potential customer clears their cookies during this period, My Home Matters, LLC shall not be liable for any Store Credit that may have been owed to you.

Last modified 9/17/18